Have the Deva Tea™ Experience through our Events & Services

At Deva Tea, our goal is to have every customer feel nourished in their spirit and soul. Like a flower that has healthy soil, fresh air, water and sunshine, our soul blossoms when we nurture our body, mind, and spirit. In our busy hectic lifestyles, Deva Tea™ offers you a sanctuary through an age old ritual of drinking tea. Sit, relax and reconnect with your body, mind and spirit. Create a time and space just for you! Set and align with your heart’s intentions. Walk on the beauty path of health, healing and wellness.

Specially Formulated Organic Wellness Teas that Support Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Created by the Founder of Deva Tea™ with purity of intention, each blend has been specially formulated to help bring balance to an aspect of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy field. Drawing upon the healing essence of Colour, Plants & Flowers, and the light of the Plant Deva’s, our blends help you balance your body with nutrition, nurture your mind & emotions, and nourish your spirit & soul.

How to Select Your Blend

The colours on our labels reflect the colours of the herbs within the blends. Each tea blend is aligned with Colour Therapeutic qualities and their corresponding Medicinal Actions and Elements. Simply choose the colour that you are most attracted to below, and then read about how it can help support your body, mind and spirit.